Danville’s annual Arts in the Park, in Lincoln Park along Logan is all set to go this weekend: 10 to 5 Saturday and 11 to 5 Sunday.
Shannon Schroeder recently joined Tommy B on D102’s The Big Show, and talked about the vendor lineup for this year.
AUDIO: So you get a chance to go in, talk to them, find out how they made it; just find out the heart behind the pieces that you’re looking at.  And you can buy them too.  So we’ve got a lot of new jewelry vendors this year.  I’m kind of excited about that.
And of course, there will be plenty of entertainment on the stage.  Here’s just a little bit of Saturday’s lineup.
AUDIO: Kicking us off is the Premiere Dance Academy, and so they’ve got a lot of kids that are going to be coming in dancing for us.  And then new to the Arts in Park stage is the band Live Through Wednesday, they are at 11, so look them up on Facebook.  At Noon we have the Red Mask kids, the Red Mask Children’s.  At one o’clock, the Wabash Valley Area Band, so they’re a favorite every year.  And then Kruger’s ATA is coming at two, and we have at three o’clock the Voices of the Ville.
That’s only part of it, so go to DanvilleILAITP.org for the complete stage lineup and more on everything about Arts in the Park.
Of course, just one of the items on Sunday, has to do with cars.
AUDIO: The car show goes from 11 to 3; but if you want to register your car, get there at 9, or between 9 and 11 that people can register.  And that is always a huge hit.

Don’t forget, there are TWO sidewalk chalk contests this year, both on Saturday, at 10:30 and 1:30.  The Lamon House will be open as well, and once all has settled down and completed Sunday evening, the Danville Municipal Band will be on the stage.
To hear Tommy B’s entire interview with Shannon Schroeder about Arts in the Park, go to https://vermilioncountyfirst.com/big-show-bites-podcast/


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