This year’s Danville Farmer’s Market began Saturday May 14th in the Crossroads Church parking lot, 3613 North Vermilion.  Susan Franklin recently joined Laura Williams on 1490 WDAN’s Community Connection, and Susan said there’s been some changes since it first began downtown in the early 80s.
This year it’s 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays, with an extra hour on the end for those that want to come during the lunch hour.  They also ask that you don’t come into the parking lot and start shopping any earlier than 7:45, for safety reasons.  Susan says, from her perspective, things are slightly different each year.
AUDIO: This year I’m growing a new tomato plant, W. Epperson Sinking Valley, which is a very rare seed and hard to get.  Every year I grow two or three seeds that are considered rare seeds.  And so it’s kind of fun to grow those and try them, so.
Susan also mentioned that you or someone in your family needs to “make it, bake it, or grow it” to have it at the farmer’s market.  The third Saturday of the month is the exception, when some re-selling is allowed.  And of course, there are rules to follow to be a vendor.
AUDIO: You know if you sell pork, you have to get it licensed and all of that.  If you sell eggs, you have to be licensed by the egg board.  If you sell food products, you have to have Health Department licenses and all that.
Then, just go on Facebook, enter the search words Danville Farmers Market, and send Susan a message about interest in becoming a vendor.


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