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If you’ve ever contemplated taking to the open road and becoming a truck driver, the Louisiana Workforce Commission has just the plan for you. It’s called the “Drive Your Future” program. LWC Secretary Ava Cates said it gives Louisianans a chance to change careers and be trained at no cost for their CDL.
“A certified driver’s license so that they can operate the big rigs and help our country with our supply chain issues,” said Cates.
The American Trucking Association estimates the driver shortage could be as high as 80,000. Cates said the cost of training can deter many from entering the profession, so LWC is helping with that hurdle.
“It’s a value of about $5,000. So, we are investing in citizens, investing in their training, and investing in their future, the future of this state and the future of our country,” said Cates.
Cates said women make up only 7% of drivers and she highly encourages more females to enter the field. Cates said she’s read about a nurse who left the medical field and entered the trucking industry.
“So, she got her certification, her CDL, and she’s a truck driver now and she’s earning wages similar to what she would have as a registered nurse,” said Cates.
Training is only five weeks and LWC is partnering with community colleges and training sites across the state. For more information visit and classes begin mid-February or click here.
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