Alison Kelly. (Alison Kelly for Bay of Quinte Facebook)
The NDP candidate for Bay of Quinte riding is in this provincial election to help regular people and those who are really struggling.
Alison Kelly appeared on CJBQ’s Lorne Brooker Show’s Meet the Candidate Thursday.
Kelly says it was courses on community engagement and development and her work on the Poverty Roundtable in 2018 that changed her outlook.
” … and I was learning things that for so many years, because I was living in this bubble of privilege where I had a good pay cheque and you know life was pretty good, I just realized how many people around me were truly suffering.”
Kelly says the pandemic highlighted some bad social policies.
“We have a housing crisis. We have a health care system and senior care system that’s struggling. For Andrea Horwath and me, this election is about showing people that you can have a government that actually focusses on the things that matter most to you. And we can actually start fixing those things.”
She says the NDP is the only option for defeating the Doug Ford Conservatives noting that the NDP finished second in Bay of Quinte in 2018, winning several polls.
“We have an opportunity to really make a difference for people that isn’t just gonna help folks now but is actually gonna put fundamental pieces in place that are going to also help the next generation and the generation after that.”
Kelly was on the local NDP party’s radar since 2018 but at that time she elected to run for the Hastings Prince Edward District School Board as a trustee from south Prince Edward County.  She won that election as a trustee but has taken a leave of absence from the board to campaign in the provincial election.
She is married with two children and has lived in Prince Edward County since 2013.  Although born in Toronto, she was raised in Belleville, before being educated in Toronto and beginning a career as a Project Manager.


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